Julie Delegal has published journalism, editorials, and feature articles in various online and print media outlets in Jacksonville and statewide.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in English, minoring in Political Science and Women’s Studies, from the University of Florida.

Her first novel, Seen, earned the Independent Book Awards (IPPY) Gold Medal for Fiction in the Southeast Region. Julie lives and writes in Jacksonville, Florida.

Julie Delegal

I’m a mother, a wife, a citizen, a sometimes paralegal, a public school advocate, a constant gardener of democracy, a mediocre gardener of tomatoes, a voracious reader, a coffee addict, an ocean lover (but not in my living room please,) a defender of neurodiversity, an avowed introvert, a dog person, a Jedi-Episcopalian of Jewish descent, an atheist sympathizer, a believer in Healing, and, sometimes, a chronic illness recoverer.

Most of all these days, I’m a writer.

Motherhood and a veritable career of volunteerism sparked my interest in political issues surrounding Florida’s public schools. An editor at Folio Weekly, our now-defunct* alternative weekly magazine, gave me a shot at professional writing.

Her confidence in me, in turn, gave me the chutzpah to think I could write a novel.

I did. Seen is a fast-paced novel about hope and justice.

As I write my second novel, I’ll try to fill the unfillable void Folio left* by indulging my urge to write, here.

I love Jacksonville like she’s a member of my family, which is to say–while she drives me crazy–my deep regard for her is unconditional.

The same goes for this banana-republic of a state, and our beloved, beleaguered nation.

As we say in the South, “Bless her heart.”


*Addendum: While Folio may no longer be Weekly, an energetic new publisher has brought her back to life in print and online. Check out Folio 2.0!